Thursday, December 20, 2012

And I feel fine...

I was able to eat lunch with the girls this week and while my oldest and her friends were avoiding the oddly colored sweet and sour chicken, the topic landed on the Mayans.

"Did you know that the Mayans think the world is going to end this week?" Friend 1 asked.

"Yes, that's what some people say, but it's not going to happen," I explained to her and the other girls.

"Well," Friend 1 continued, "I hope it does."

The other girls looked in astonishment and Friend 2 asked her why.

"Because I have a bet for $50 dollars that it will end," Friend 1 explained.

Friend 2 and my daughter shook their heads no in unison as they tried to site her flawed logic.

After they went back and forth for a writer about how she either wouldn't be left out wouldn't have anything to attend it on if she won, she was still persistent in her wish to win the bet.

Her face fell, though, as she read her fortune from her fortune cookie. "What does it say?" my daughter asked.

"You will have a long and happy life," she read with a disappointed frown.

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